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AESD Chromebook Work Order Process

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Work order creation and Chromebook redeployment

Keywords and Information

This section contains keywords and information regarding Chromebooks. The information provided will be helpful for the procedures outlined in this document.

1-to-1 Chromebooks

All Chromebooks purchased during and after the 2022/2023 school year have a new Asset Tag. This asset tag identifies the Budget Code and Site for the Chromebook. Chromebooks that end with ADO are for 1-to-1. See Figure 1.

Fig 1: Chromebook Asset Tag

Click here for more information on how to read Technology Services’ Asset Labels.

Site Purchased Devices

Chromebooks purchased through Site Funds will have an Asset Tag that indicates this. It will end with the Site’s 3-character code shown on the Asset Label Format Bookstack Page. School site Chromebooks will fill in gaps in our 1-to-1 initiative as the District Office purchases 1-to-1 Chromebooks. However, as these devices are collected from outgoing students as indicated in the End of Year or Student Leaving School Site section of this document, they will be retained by the Site the Chromebook belongs to for use in a Chromebook Cart located in the classroom. These will begin building out our 2-to-1 plan. These 2-to-1 Chromebooks will stay on campus and be used at the school for testing, loaners, and other purposes.

Chromebook Lifespan

Every Chromebook has an Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date. This is typically eight years from the date of manufacture. After a Chromebook reaches AUE, the device will no longer receive updates. State Testing and some Education Technology applications will only function on the latest update. Since these Chromebooks fall out of date quickly, they may no longer be used for Testing or general deployment. Chromebooks near AUE should be returned and swapped for a Chromebook that will continue receiving updates.


A general Chromebook lifestyle would be:

  • TK-2nd 2-in-1 Style Chromebook
    • In an 8- lifecycle, a 2-in-1 Chromebook should be able to be deployed for two cycles of TK-2nd Grade. As the Chromebook enters the 6th year of deployment, it should be held as a loaner Chromebook for checkout or classroom use.
  • 3rd-8th Clamshell-style Chromebook
    • In a perfect scenario, the lifecycle of a Clamshell Chromebook can be checked out to a student from 3rd grade to 8th grade. After the student’s 8th grade year, the Chromebook would be six years into the 8-year AUE cycle if they had the same Chromebook. The Chromebook may enter circulation as a loaner or a classroom Chromebook to fill in gaps as needed.

Work Orders and Repairs

Work orders should be placed for lost, stolen, damaged, and malfunctioning Chromebooks and missing peripherals such as chargers, hotspots, etc. Work orders contain information on the student and Chromebook to provide the ability to analyze trends or invoice if needed.


Upon check-in and after a visual inspection, if the Chromebook is deemed to be undeployable, a work order must be placed. The work order should include basic details such as:

  • Damaged Parts
  • Missing Components
  • What is Malfunctioning
  • Any report the student claims as reason for needing a new device

Print the Work Order

The work order should be printed and placed in the Chromebook; if a label is generated, please stick the label to the top lid of the Chromebook. These printouts will aid Technology Services in repairing the Chromebook promptly.

Set Aside Chromebook

An undeployable Chromebook should be set aside with the Work Order printout. A representative from Technology Services will then take the Chromebook for repair.


Technology Services will repair damaged Chromebooks and update the Ticket with the components used in the repair. In the case of a Site Chromebook, the Chromebook will be returned to the site after repair. In the case of a 1-to-1 Chromebook, the Chromebook could fill in stock for any school site with discrepancies or a low inventory of 1-to-1 devices. This will be at the discretion of Technology Services. However, site procedures may be taken into consideration.

Invoicing and Cost

Chromebook repairs cost money, so some sites may invoice students to recoup costs or create accountability for vandalism. As the District Office begins to provide 1-to-1 Chromebooks, there may come standardization to this process in the future. The price will be calculated by adding the cost of each component after the Technology Services repair. Labor costs can also be calculated to determine the overall cost of Chromebook repairs to provide data for budgeting purposes.

An invoice can be generated after the Chromebook is repaired and the Technician has closed the ticket. This invoice will calculate the cost and may easily be emailed to the Students parent or Guardian through information pulled from our SIS.