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Welcome Message

Please log into Gmail using your AESD-provided Google Account. Your calendar should also be migrated. Call the helpdesk at Ext. 10222 Option #1 for help resetting a forgotten password.
Once verified, please inform the Technology Department as soon as possible so we can stop routing to the old email server for your accounts.
Some things to know about Gmail:
  • The Spam folder exists; check it periodically
  • All external email is guaranteed to be in Gmail (presuming your email address on the external address book is correct)
  • Some aliases may not work, EG Maiden names. Please inform me if that is the case; I checked the ones I was aware of
  • Just to let you know, internal emails should work as intended. However, this is what we are testing
  • We can support Outlook or Windows Mail App
  • Mobile users should switch from Outlook to the Gmail app or Built-in mail client
  • Rules do not transfer over; we have to recreate them using "Filters," which is Gmail's equivalent to "Rules"
  • Groups are currently being worked on; please email me email distribution lists you need prioritized
Help Resources:
Thank you for your patience and time in this transition. Please send feedback directly to Once you are confident in switching over, let the Technology Department know so we can remove the forwarding to the old email server. We will not delete data, and we will continue to maintain backups so there will be no data loss.
Thanks, and welcome to Gmail,